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Policies and Procedures

Welcome to our Policies & Procedures

Here, you will find all the latest policies and procedures to guide you through your student journey at Work Ready Education. 

Please read and become familiar with these policies and procedures.

Academy of Information of Technology Pty Ltd (AIT)  is trading as Work Ready Education (WRE), therefore all policies and procedures will be accessed through AIT.

We value our students and any feedback you provide to us will be considered at our next review. Please email any comments to us at 


Policy Course Link
Education Policies Academic Appeals Policy and Procedures Link
Academic Freedom Policy Link
Academic Governance Policy Link
Academic Integrity Penalties Policy Link
Academic Integrity Policy Link
Academic Progression Policy Link
Academic Total Quality Management Policy Link
AIT VET Course  Transfer Policy
Assessment Appeals Procedure and Policy
Assessment Policy Link
Code of Conduct Online Delivery Link
Examination Policy and Procedure Link
Grade Appeals Procedures and Policy Link
Late Submission Assessment Policy and Procedure Link
Managing Course Discontinuance Procedure Link
Student Code of Conduct Link
Student Services Policies Access and Equity Policy Link
Admissions and Enrolment Policy Link
AIT HE RPL Interactive Form Link
AIT Open Withdrawals, Refunds, Complaints, Appeals Policy Link
AIT USI Privacy Notice Link
Change of Enrolment Policy & Procedure Link
Course Extension, Deferral, Transfer Policy Link
Critical Incident Policy Link
ESOS Student Fact Sheet Link
Fees, Withdrawals and Refunds Link
Grievances, Complaints, Appeals Policy Link
Managing Course Discontinuance Procedure Link
Recrediting a VET Student Loan or FEE-HELP Balance Link
RedHill Internet and Email Usage Policy Link
RedHill Child Safety Policy Link
RedHill Supervision of Children & Young People Guidelines Link
RedHill U18s Student Guideline Link
RedHill U18s Years Student Management and Supervision Procedure Link
RPL Credit Policy for Higher Education Link
RPL & Credit Transfer Policy for Vocational Education and Training Link
Short Courses Withdrawals and Refunds policy Link
Code of Conduct Online Delivery Link
Student Code of Conduct Link
Student Support Policy Link
Transition of Training Packages and Accredited Courses Link
VET Student Loan Application Procedure Link
Other Policies Website User Policy Link
Privacy and Data Protection Policy Link
Terms and Conditions (General) Link


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