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How much can Managers earn?

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The salary you can expect as a manager depends on several factors. For example, the industry you work in, your experience, location and your specific role. According to the Hays Salary Guide, a manager can earn anywhere between $92,000 and $300,000 per year.

Why salaries vary 

Salaries vary because roles differ between industries. For example, a logistics manager at a global steel company may be responsible for managing complex shipping logistics across several time zones. In comparison, a logistics manager at a health-food wholesaler may only manage two suppliers for all their distribution. The level of responsibilities impact salaries.

The impact of demand

The demand for managerial roles in specific industries also creates salary differences. For example, there’s been an increase in demand for IT leadership roles over the last year (source: Michael Page). Given that technology plays a significant role in how Australians work, IT managers are now amongst the highest paid managers in Australia.

Average salaries for industry-specific roles

The below list from Hays provides average annual salary ranges for industry-specific roles: 

  • Office Manager: $61,000 - $82,000 
  • Operations Manager: $87,000 - $120,000 
  • Product Manager: $87,000 - $120,000 
  • Social Media Manager: $85,000 - $122,000 
  • Team Leader: $56,000 - $163,000  

Specialisation and level of responsibility

Similarly, a manager’s area of expertise can impact earning potential. For example, an office manager may be responsible for the daily running of an accounting firm, overseeing administrative staff and fulfilling stationery orders. In comparison, a product manager may be responsible for designing a new product, market research and distribution. 

Location matters

Where you work is another factor. Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne predominantly pay the highest for manager roles, reflecting the cost of living in those cities. For example, an operations manager averages $132,000 per year in Sydney, $133,000 per year in Melbourne and $128,000 per year in Canberra. In Hobart, you can expect $102,000 per year.

Other considerations

In addition to salary, other career considerations include job satisfaction and long-term job security. A recent study conducted by Seek Jobs assessed various indicators related to satisfaction for general managers. Job satisfaction rated 3.8 out of 5, with career progression opportunities and variety of work scoring 4 out of 5.

Working in management can offer many benefits, including autonomy, decision-making capabilities and better pay. If you’re considering a career in management, a Diploma of Leadership and Management can give you the tools you need to embark on the next step of your career.